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Power Washing Services in Inverness & the Highlands - Domestic and Commercial Power Washing and Cleaning Services
Marine Power Washing and Cleaning Services Inverness, Highlands and Skye
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Power Washing Services in Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland

Fully Trained and Insured Technicians in a variety of power washing and cleaning services
  Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal. All our technicians are fully trained and IPAF certified to work at height. We are able to utilise several different methods of moss removal depending on roof materials and client requirements. Patio Cleaning. Many patio slabs and monoblock are coloured and care has to be taken when cleaning to ensure the dye is not washed out.
  Decking Cleaning. Normally being made from soft wood it can easily be marked by high pressure cleaning. Employ an experienced technician to clean this for you and avoid any potential costly damage. Wall and Masonry Cleaning. We have a range of different spray guns for our cleaners, from turbo nozzles to fan nozzles we have the right tool for your job to complete it quickly and efficiently.
  Paint Removal. Our industrial diesel cleaners are able to quickly and efficiently remove paint from masonry and other hard surfaces when used in conjunction with our high pressure turbo nozzle lances. Graffiti and Chewing Gum. Can be removed using our industrial hot diesel washer. Heating the high pressure spray to 100 degrees Celsius makes short work of the most stubborn marks.
  Drain Clearing. Aqua Solutionz self propelled drain clearer can break through the most difficult blockages. Providing a 24hr emergency service to domestic and commercial customers. General Cleaning. We clean a wide variety of things including, domestic and commercial vehicles, caravans, boats, plastics, concrete and any external surface.
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